Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method

Advanced Family Chiropractic through Dr. Yepez-Ziegenbalg is an authorized and licensed clinic for Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method™.  This method features fat loss, not muscle loss; weekly pounds loss, decreased cellulite, and increased energy. She believes it provides the ideal food plan, with the right amount of protein to maximize your weight loss and promote better health.

There are no points, no guessing, no meetings, just combining the right foods with yours and sanity comes back to your life. So when you need truly effective weight loss treatment, call Dr. Yepez-Ziegenbalg for a consultation.


Weight Loss Treatment Includes:

  • Fat loss, not muscle loss
  • Weekly pounds loss
  • Cellulite decrease
  • Increased energy
  • Individual, professional guidance
  • Education on nutrition
  • Ongoing monitoring and counseling with accredited healthcare professionals

Call today to set up a no obligation appointment to learn how you can benefit from this weight loss program.