Products We Carry

Lumbar Support Cushion $30

For car or chair, provides lower back support, promotes healthy posture, reduces low back disc pressure, reduces pain and fatigue while driving or seated.


China Gel $18

Topical pain reliever. Soothing greaseless, theraputic gel that helps to provide fast relief of minor aches and pains associated with simple backaches, arthritis, bursitis, and strains of muscles and joints, and sports injuries.


BioFreeze $15 (tube or roll on) or $16 (spray)

Topical pain reliever. cold therapy treatment gel used as a therapeutic aid for sore muscles. Same impact on muscle tissue as an icepack.


Microwaveable Heating Pad/Ice pack $30

Soothes arthritis, muscle aches, migraines, low back pain, menstrual cramps, carpal tunnel and other chronic pain.


Chiroflow Pillow $45

Hypoallergenic water based orthopedic pillow for correct neck support while sleeping, reduces neck pain and improves quality of sleep.


Backpack $65

Chiropractic approved, ergonomically designed backpack.  Relieves spinal stress associated with back weight.  Reduces back pain and helps to prevent injuries.  Sizes small, medium, and large.


Neck Brace $25

Relieves neck pain, whiplash, and neck injuries.  Supports, aligns, and prevents or corrects deformities and to improve funtion of the cervical spine.


Low Back Brace/Belt  $45

Helps support and relieve low back pain and muscle or disc injuries.


Carpal Tunnel Hand Brace $35

Provides protection and support for carpal tunnel syndrome.  Increases circulation, quickens recovery, accelerates healing, and reduces swelling.


Lumbar Seat Support $20

Suspends tailbone to prevent spine compression.  Properly maintains posture, helps relieve and prevent back discomfort, allows you to rest the spine in a position that comforts to the natural spinal curvature.  Reduces back fatigue while seated or driving.


Travel Pillow $22

Promotes comfort and support while traveling.  Eases neck and shoulder pain.


Wood Rolling Massager $8

For stress and muscle relief.


Ear Wax Candles $6/pair

For cleaning ears and helps various ear disorders.


"The World's Thinnest Wallet" $25

Thin leather wallet prevents sciatica, lower back and leg pain.  Replaces bulky wallets.


Neti Pot $15

Natural, safe, and immediate sinus relief.  For allergy symptoms, nasal congestion, sinus infection, rhinitis of pregnancy, sinus headache, post-nasal drip, and dry air.


Water Cooler Buddy $5

Great compact  tool for a more sanitary way of refilling water bottles from a cooler.  Because most people refill their water bottles by putting the motuh of the bottle right up on the cooler spout, their germs get transferred to you.  Like drinking directly from their bottle.


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